Hello friends!  I haven’t forgotten about you all.  Life as I know it has just been absolutely crazy (but you knew that already).

So where am I on this journey?  Well, it’s been a month or so since I’ve been back to the doctor and this leg of the journey has not been the most pleasant piece of the journey.  I had my last visit back in August and it just seems like I’ve lost sight of everything, momentarily.  I have been going back and forth between my doctors’ offices about getting the necessary medical information needed for insurance requirements.  I FINALLY got the info I needed and it was submitted to the insurance company and it was from that point, a wait and see game.  I tried not to think about it too much, because it would just drive me crazy wondering if I’d get final approval.  But then again, maybe I should have thought about it a little more and I may have not fallen off track like I did.  Anyway, I received a letter last week from my insurance company that said they had received notice that I was requesting to have surgery – but there was no “Hey, congratulations, you’re approved!” sentence in that document.  So I was like, great – glad you got my information, but am I approved?  So I just decided to wait it out again.  This is just part of the process, right?  Well, today as I had stepped away from my desk to go heat up my lunch, I came back to a missed call on my phone and voice mail from my doctor’s office.  And I am happy to report that I have been fully approved to have my surgery as scheduled!!!  I was overcome with emotion and even teared up a little, even now as I type this I’m a bit teary-eyed.  It’s been a long 7 months and I am now on the other side of this hill in this journey.  I’m almost there!  I now go for my pre-op class, then my pre-op testing, and I should have a scheduled surgery date by the end of this week.

Satan has been all over me like flies on flypaper the past few weeks.  At one point this past weekend, I was ready to just give up on everything.  I felt beat down, tired, disconnected and empty.  I know part of that was that I did not feel good at all last week – but it was all in satan’s  plan to steal, kill, and destroy me.  I believe satan knows that God is up to something big over the next couple of months and satan wants me to lose.  Our church’s retreat is coming up this weekend and it’s a pretty big deal.  It’s our first one ever, it’s for women only, and I’m the coordinator for this thing.  So yeah – satan is trying to get his grubby hands on it and find every way possible to keep it from happening – including messing with my head.  Guess what satan – YOU lose!  Take a hike!  And thanks to Pastor Ryan for bringing it this past weekend with his message about not giving up.  I was……at that point.

I’m being reminded (even in the craziness before me this week), that I am blessed to have God as my Saviour even when I’m ready to quit, that I have my earthly partner in life standing beside me and loving me even through my worst days, I have friends and family who love me and keep pushing me on, the beautiful weather this week, a new home (another sun stand still moment), and so many other blessings that are too many to list.  God is already working even before this retreat is getting started.  So please pardon me if I’m a little emotional this week.

It’s a beautiful day – how have you been blessed today?

Love to you all!