Hi everyone!  It certainly has been a few days since I last checked in……ok ok…it’s been a month.  Needless to say I have been so busy these last few weeks and June is just as booked as May was/is.  My photography business is in full swing and has taken off like crazy and I’m loving it!  I’m also doing water aerobics once a week and loving that too!  So between photography, church activities, my weekly workout routine, and working full time, it doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

So like I said, it’s been a month since I’ve last written.  I’ve hit some bumps in the road last month – mainly in the form of temptation.  Food choices have been challenging this month because I do have an active lifestyle and many times I’m eating on the run.  Now, I have been able to avoid grabbing unhealthy choices from fast food places.  I have to be careful about where I do grab fast food because as I found out, I do not like Wendy’s salads….lol.  So if I have to grab fast food, I make sure to go to a place where I know I like their salads.  So far that’s been DQ, Arbys, and Subway.   The good thing is, I can eat at just about any restaurant out there, I just have to be smart about my food choices.  So it’s been interesting and kind of like a game, a scavenger hunt if you will, to discover which restaurants I can go to and just what I can have.  Today in our class, we each got books for a ton of restaurants that listed some of their menu items along with the calorie, fat, proteint, etc. counts.  It was pretty eye-opening.  But all hope hasn’t been lost and there is still a way to eat healthy at restaurants.

So as I was saying, I have struggled with temptation this last month.  But it wasn’t a total disaster.  Chocolate is one of my biggest downfalls.  And I broke down several times this last month and had chocolate.  Now, as with any form of temptation, there are consequences for one’s own actions.  So yes, I paid the price for my downfall, but I’m hard-headed and I’ll eventually learn, lol.  Mom – no comment from you, k?  thanks!  lol

But even though I didn’t do so well this last month, I’ve learned that if you fall off the horse, you get back on it and try again.  So I fought back and got back on track.  Did I make my goal of working out at least twice a week this last month?  No, but I’m going once a week, and that’s a start.  Did I remember to take my vitamins and supplements every day,  every meal?  No, but I am trying to be better at that, even broke down and bought a pill organizer.  Don’t be jealous…they’re not just for old people….AND I even got a purple one at that!  😀  lol  Did I do any nutrition journaling this last month?  Uh nope.  But I’m going to try and be better at that this month as well.

So what am I trying to say here?  Well, I am still trying to find an even balance of life and health.  It’s a daily struggle for me because I tend to let life run me ragged and run me over.  I have a hard time saying that aweful word that no one likes to hear “no”.  But, on the flipside, I’m finally treating myself to a real vacation in July.  I can’t tell you how nice it will be to get away from reality for 7 whole days.  And I’m even going to give the airplane experience another try.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about – see my first post on here.

Well I don’t really have much else to report.  Ok, I may have just lied there.  Because I DO have some really really really exciting news!  lol

Today was my second weigh-in since starting this new journey.  So the first month, I lost 16 pounds which was AWESOME!  Today was another milestone!  I said goodbye to ELEVEN more pounds last month!   So even though I struggled last month, I still had a huge success.  So for those keeping track – I have now lost TWENTY-SEVEN pounds in two months!  Can we get an “OH YEAH BABY!!!!” and a “WOOT-WOOT!!!”.  lol  I’m ready to kick it up a notch and blow both of those numbers out of the water next month.  Time to get moving more and scale back proportions and up the water intake!

That’s all I have for today!  Again – huge thank you goes out to all of my readers and supporters out there!  I’m so blessed to have each one of you and for your words of encouragement! I hope that I have an opportunity someday to return the favor!

Have a blessed day!