Well hello everyone!  I realize it’s been just a few days since I last wrote.  And the last post didn’t exactly start or end on a positive note.  But that is the reality of this journey.  It was not a good day by far and one that left me questioning my decision.  But I survived the day {barely} and I haven’t given up.  I’m still kicking this demon’s butt and getting my {extended} life back.

It’s been just a little over three weeks since I started out, and this is probably by far the longest I’ve ever stuck to a “diet”.  So, please allow me to toot my horn for a second and say “Yeah baby!!!”  Just last night I was telling my mom that I feel like I’ve lost some weight and she said that I look like I’ve lost weight.  I am refraining from getting on the scales until my next doctor appointment next week.  I want to be surprised if I have lost weight.  I want to know what a difference 4 weeks made, if any.  I know, it may sound silly.  But, more often than not, I’ve set myself up for disappointment because of high expectations.  So, I’m approaching this goal, if you will, a little more differently.  I guess it’s almost like a mind game within yourself.  I know I’m eating better and I am waiting patiently to see the results if any.  But until then, I enjoy the good days, and pray on the bad ones for strength to get through them.

Many of you have continually asked me how I’m doing.  And I LOVE that!  Really I can’t say thank you enough and it warms my heart to know that you really do care about my well-being.  And your comments on here have been amazing!  The support that I’ve received from everyone has been overwhelming and I find myself at times asking how I got so lucky with all you wonderful people in my life!

And one of those wonderful people just happens to be my mom, which I have to give a shout-out to.  She has been incredible!  Since I live at home with my parents, meals at home have been challenging at times.  But she has been able to easily adapt a meal so that I can enjoy it too!  Like last night, we had tacos.  I can’t have the shells (you know, that whole carb thing, lol), but I was able to have the salad and meat with some cheese.  And the other night she made this wonderful chicken & carrot soup without noodles (again, the carb thing)!  That was some good stuff right there!  So mom….thanks for all you’re doing in this journey too.  I may not say it in person, but I do appreciate everything you’ve done so far!   🙂

Well, that’s about all I have for now.  I haven’t given up.  I’m still going strong on this journey.  I’ll be sure to check in again sometime next week and give you an update – good or bad.  🙂

Love you all!  Enjoy your weekend!